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Packages uploaded to "5" repo

May 21, 2009 — BarryK
I've made a start, checked some of ttuuxx's PET packages and uploaded them to They are here:

As the libpng package is special, with an animation patch, I decided to give the package a unique name, 'libpng_apng'. This is because the package manager has recorded a 'libpng' is already installed so won't list another package with the same name as a candidate for installation. It is also handy to have a different package name for an application like Firefox3 that needs the enhance libpng, so that the database entry for Firefox3 can list '+libpng_apng' as a dependency and it won't get confused with a non-patched libpng package.

I have also uploaded the 'gimp' package, just the main one so far, not the _DEV, _DOC or _NLS pckages.

I remade these packages from the expanded directories, using my improved 'dir2pet' and 'petspec' scripts. These are the database entries that got generated:

gimp-2.6.6-i486-uj|gimp|2.6.6-i486-uj||Graphic|19624K|pet_packages-5|||Create images and edit photographs|ubuntu|jaunty|5|

libpng_apng-1.2.35-i486-uj|libpng_apng|1.2.35-i486-uj||BuildingBlock|348K|pet_packages-5|||graphics library, with animation patch|ubuntu|jaunty|5|
libpng_apng_DEV-1.2.35-i486-uj|libpng_apng_DEV|1.2.35-i486-uj||BuildingBlock|952K|pet_packages-5||+libpng_apng|graphics library, animation patch|ubuntu|jaunty|5|
libpng_apng_DOC-1.2.35-i486-uj|libpng_apng_DOC|1.2.35-i486-uj||BuildingBlock|216K|pet_packages-5|||graphics library, animation patch|ubuntu|jaunty|5|

Note that each PET package has a 'pet.specs' file inside it, which also contains the database entry. This file is used by the 'petget' installed script if you had downloaded the PET package then clicked on it.
I mean, if you had not gone through the Puppy Package Manager, and just downloaded the PET package, then clicked on it in ROX-Filer. In such a case, 'petget' obtains all the information about the package from 'pet.specs' (technical note: if the package does not have a pet.specs, petget searches the /root/.packages/Packages-* database files for the package entry).

The package database file is here:

Note that alpha9 is planned to have a Puppy Package Manager that will recognise this new "5" repo.

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