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May 06, 2009 — BarryK
Alpha6 has Zfind, which I have removed and replaced with Searchmonkey.

When the applications are fairly small, it has always been my policy with Puppy to try and provide choice. For example, there are two CD song rippers, Pcdripper and Ripoff.
Of course, one day we might decide that one of them is superior in every respect, then there is no point in including the manifestly inferior one. Most often though, I find that different apps offer unique features and you might want one rather than the other depending on circumstances.
In the case of Pfind versus Seamonkey, the latter looks good if you want to use regular expressions, the former offers a simpler interface.

One thing that we still lack is a find-and-replace GUI. We do have a commandline utility, 'rpl' in Woof -- maybe someone could knock up a little GUI for that? Note though, rpl does not handle regular expressions, for that you would need 'sed'.

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