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Testing alpha7 on a old 6x86

May 23, 2009 — BarryK
I have a an old pre-USB computer that I built myself, so it's definitely a no-brand conglomeration of the cheapest parts money could buy at that time. It has a 200MHz Cyrix 6x86 CPU and 128MB RAM. This machine is near the bottom rung of what I expect Puppy to work on.

The CD drive always has difficulty booting from CD. I usually have to try a few times. Even with the nice Verbatim CDs, it tries to boot from the CD then reports "Failure" then boots Windows. But, reboot a few times and it finally succeeds booting the live-CD. This is a very old CD drive.

Anyway, I had the problem with the "black desktop", so fixed the script as already described, and all is fine. Xorg works fine.

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