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Testing alpha7 on Compaq Presario

May 15, 2009 — BarryK
I finally got around to setting up the Compaq Presario PC that I had picked up from a church opportunity shop a few weeks ago. This is model 7594 and it has a 565MHz Celeron CPU, 128MB RAM and 10GB hard drive.

Jaunty Puppy alpha7 booted off the live-CD, no trouble at all and everything works. Sound, Xorg, all fine.

Hey this thing even has a Puppy-compatible PCTEL analog modem, chip numbers 134d:7897. But, I currently don't have a dialup account to test it.

One issue though, it doesn't power-off. I can power it off by pressing the power button though. Is there some kernel boot parameter trick for these Presarios to make them power off?

I wiped the two FAT partitions and created ext3 and swap partitions. Did a frugal install, which works fine.

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