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Tiny HTML viewer improved

May 09, 2009 — BarryK
MU has done some work on my original Genie HTML viewer and greatly improved it.

Here are my original blog posts:

Here is MU's latest version:

Mark has figured out how to create a profile, and text is now rendered antialiased.

Mark, one thing I couldn't figure out, is how to get the forward and back buttons to grey-out as appropriate. Any idea how to do that?

The executable 'html-viewer' is just 10KB and starts virtually instantly. I'm thinking that I might use it as the internal HTML viewer for Woof alpha7 -- that will be for the Help page viewer and the CUPS web interface.


kernel released

Username: BarryK
"Grumble, grumble... I have just been through the exercise of compiling and 3rd party drivers and have got everything ready to upload, including a source sfs file. Looking at [i]I'm announcing the release of the kernel. All users of the 2.6.29 kernel series are very strongly encouraged to upgrade.[/i] It looks like lots of bugfixes. Sigh, I suppose I will go through the whole exercise again. But, alpha7 will have the kernel. I'll do it one more time, but that's it. Unless they fix some super-serious bug in, I'm going to stay with for a long time.

Username: BarryK

Tags: woof