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Vala/Genie without Glib/Gobject

May 09, 2009 — BarryK
I started a thread in the mail-list requesting this, as it is of interest to me and others.

What we want is to code in Vala/Genie and generate plain C without dependence on the Glib/Gobject library. This is particularly useful if we want to create a static executable, as the C file can be compiled with dietlibc.

We do have to lose some of the object Orientation functionality, but there is still heaps of goodies in the language that makes it a vast improvement over coding in C.

I was able to do it before, but Jürg Billeter the founder of Vala has now formalised it with a compiler commandline option, '--profile posix'.
This new feature is currently in git only.

This is my post that started the thread:

I rate this as an extremely important development. It opens up Vala/Genie as the next generation general-purpose language, completely replacing C or C++.


Great News
Username: Cybermonkey
Great news that the development of Vala/Genie continues. I think valac needs a "real" place for programmers to meet, not just the mailing-list. So I created a forum: Let me know what you think about it.

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