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ValaIDE updated

May 11, 2009 — BarryK
I mentioned yesterday that ValaIDE has a bug, that tab characters always get converted to spaces. Nicolas has fixed it, so I have upgraded.

For anyone interested in knowing how to compile ValaIDE, it's a bit different from other packages. Jaunty pup alpha6 has all the dependencies, except for 'shared-mime-info', that you will have to install first.

...oh yeah, installing shared-mime-info will mess up Rox somewhat, so be prepare for that.

Actually, Puppy does have a cutdown 'shared-mime-info' inside the rox_filer PET package, but it is not enough to satisfy ValaIDE installation.

Here is how to download from SVN and compile:

# svn co valide

# cd valide
# export PREFIX='/usr'
# ./waf configure
# ./waf
# ./waf install

Unfortunately the 'new2dir' script does not work properly with 'waf', but you can look at my valide PET package in the pet_packages-woof directory on ibiblio to see what files are needed.


Username: ttuuxxx
Hi Barry I've spent days on the latest rox, I had it running perfectly other than a few icons I had to "set icon" with rox, The octet-stream issues is a strange one, It looks like rox has change its spelling of the mimes, when I compiled the latest shared-mime-info(full) and rox2.8, everything was working other than a few images and a few updates for sfs,pet,pup in the usr/share/mime folder. I had a real time trying to figure out setting the icon for ".pet" Anyways, I've started over again, it makes it difficult to debug with rox main folder being split into 2 areas? any reason why the mimes are moved to /root/.icons/JQ8flat, it makes it difficult to replace rox with a non default location like that, sure you can set rox to use different mime themes in that location but I think the default mime location should be in /usr/local/apps/ROX-Filer/ROX/MIME and addon themes in the /root/.icons folder I'll spend the rest of the night on it and see how it goes :) ttuuxxx

Re: rox mimes
Username: BarryK
"That relocation of the mimes is something that I just discovered few days ago. It was done by the install script ( of the person who created the JQ8flat icons package. For alpha7 I have removed that install script, so the mimes stay where they are.

Username: ttuuxxx
"When compiling rox on puppy I've found to meet the missing dependencies you only need 1 file from the shared mime-info package /usr/share/pkgconfig/shared-mime-info.pc That all I used to compile it, and the latest version says [i]prefix=/usr Name: shared-mime-info Description: Freedesktop common MIME database Version: 0.60 Requires: Libs: Cflags:[/i]

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