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Woof alpha7

May 13, 2009 — BarryK
Here it is:

It uses the kernel, but see my recent blog posts about this being temporary. The 'beta1' release will have or later.

One thing that I have not given any attention to at all since the release of alpha6 is the Puppy Package Manager. It has some issues, and I'll make this a top priority for the next release ...which may be "beta1".

Also, I was going to setup the 'puppy-5' repo on ibiblio, and start it off with ttuuxx's PET packages. Also update the Puppy Package Manager to recognise the puppy-5 repo. That has also fallen back to beta1.

The version number assigned to the Jaunty Puppy build is 471.


5.x bugs
Username: lobster
Many thanks A new section for the 5.x series is available on the forum I have started a bug report here

Initial boot screen
Username: floborg
"I would like to suggest a color other than dark blue for the text on the initial boot screen. There's just not enough contrast to clearly see what options you're typing. Also, it would be great to have some boot options to skip past the new locale and time zone screens. Something akin to "pkeys=xx." Ultimately, we could have an unattended bootup with these options and a way to preselect the Xorg/Xvesa settings. As it stands now, the boot process is halted at least 4 times.

woof alpha7
Username: B
m"No luck this time. I don't get the 'loading drivers to search disk drives....' message and then a freeze. I have to power off.

Nice progress
Username: Leon
"Barry, Thank you for compiling a kernel with locale filename support on Vfat partitions. Now all filenames are properly displayed in Rox. Alsa settings are properly saved and retained after reboot now. My working system seems very responsive, sound quality is good, browsing Internet is fast, Internet video streaming seems better then I used to. All fundamental functions work fine for me. My system informations Intel P4 1,7GHz, 1GB Ram, 80GB IBM ATA IC35L080AVVA07-0, NEC DVD_RW ND-2500A, TEAC CD-W552E, Ati Radeon 9200 SE graphic card, Sony SDM-M51 15" LCD monitor, ICH-Intel 82801BA-ICH2 Audio Adapter Install informations - Grub4dos - Frugal install by manually copying installation files and editing menu.lst Some of the unsolved issues: - missing menu icons when Xorg is used, when switch to Xvesa they reappear - chooselocale script fails to start - 'Xdialog: incorrect number of parameters in list!' - fortunately locale is properly set after first boot setup

Username: PaulBx1
"A small suggestion, for a new Puppy 5.. "Puppy pfix=ram" seems to generate a lot of newbie questions, because it is not really descriptive of what happens. Why not have a new parameter, "pfix=nopupsave", that does the identical thing? You could still keep "pfix=ram" for old farts like me but "undocument" it.

broken link?
Username: 01micko
"Hi Barry In woof alpha 7 build system the link for the t2 build is broken. The old '404' message. :(

kernel build problem arch
Username: paulh
"tried to build an Arch system; as reported before (in alpha5 - see if I select the newest kernel ( the build process fails.

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