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Woof alpha8 iso uploaded

May 15, 2009 — BarryK
These are quick bugfixes of alpha7. There are three fixes:

1. The "black desktop" on slow PCs.
2. 'localedef' causes hang at bootup on 64MB PCs.
3. Busybox 'mkswap' dumped in favour of full utility.

If you don't have any of these problems, then the previous upup-471.iso is fine.

I cannot fix the default 'utf8' IO charset of FAT filesystems until I recompile the kernel. That will be done for 'beta1', coming up next.

I have a problem right now, still no Internet connection at home, so have to do this upload from the Perenjori Telecentre. Which is also a problem -- as I mentioned in an earlier blog post, an FTP transfer locks out anyone else who wants Internet access at the Telecentre. Perenjori is a tiny little town, often I'm the only one there using the PCs, but just in case someone does come in, I have decided to break the file into small pieces so that I can more easily finish the upload later.

This is good for people on dialup, who would like to take part in testing these Woof builds but find the 100MB+ downloads too big. I have split 'upup-473.iso' into five pieces, xaa, xab, xac, xad and xae. Download each one and join them togther like this:

# cat xaa xab xac xad xae > upup-473.iso

There is file 'md5.txt' with md5sums of each file, also of the final 'upup-473.iso'.

I'm watching the files upload right now. About 40KB/sec, so they are taking about 8 - 9 minutes each. I have the PCs to myself, only the Telecentre Manager is here (she is also the Postmistress, plus other duties -- as I said, this is a tiny town!)

Okay, done. Get these files from here:

Just did a test download of 'xaa', SeaMonkey wanted to rename it to 'xaa.html', so make sure it has the correct name in the download dialog box.

I uploaded to rather than, as the latter can be very slow. Note that I will not have Internet access again until Monday, back here at the Telecentre.


Username: ttuuxxx
Hi Barry did you get a chance to test any of the package I made up? So far its -libpng patched with Apng usability -Updated puppy package manager with Tab feature -Roxfiler 2.8 & 2.9 with new theme, every icon has been compressed with gimp. -Mp 5.1.2 -MP 3.3.18b -Latest Mplayer svn with Gnome Mplayer front end, works really well, drag and drop files, playlist,m3u, plays realmedia, -Gnome Games Lite version I made up, about 1/6 the regular size and only missing 3 games out of 17 :) -Latest Gimp -Gimp Xsane version, only works if gimp is installed. -Galculator -1.7MB pidgin pet

Gnome Mplayer
Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry I forgot to mention one of the nice thing about Gnome Mplayer front end for Mplayer is, that it forces fullscreen, the taskbar slides down after about 5 seconds of the movie playing, really neat feature and for the size of it, its great. its about 1MB+ compressed larger than gxine but thats because it has the latest internal ffmpeg, and plays dvds really nice. Also plays mp3 and music cds, a real good find. Oh ya have you updated any of the other woof breeds since alpha 3, I really would like to work on Dpup. anyways Thanks Barry for a great job ttuuxxx

X messes screen
Username: GreatnessGuru
"Woof Alpha 7 & 8: Seems the boot dialogs for the display, etc., are missing. Therefor, my screen gets garbaged when X tries to start. (puppy pfix=ram Also initial boot after install.) Where, oh, where did those dialogs go? Hope someone can find them, Eddie Maddox Inwood IA USA

woof alpha8
Username: B
m"Hi Barry, I still have the black screen and as you can see below, I don't have a slow machine. So my latest goodworking upup is still 466 Hope you can make something out of it. Bernard -Computer- Processor : Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6300 @ 1.86GHz Memory : 1033MB (81MB used) Operating System : Puppy Linux 0,46 User Name : root (root) Date/Time : vr 15 mei 2009 10:18:51 CEST -Display- Resolution : 1024x768 pixels OpenGL Renderer : Unknown X11 Vendor : The X.Org Foundation -Multimedia- Audio Adapter : HDA-Intel - HDA VIA VT82xx -Input Devices- AT Translated Set 2 keyboard ImExPS/2 Generic Explorer Mouse Power Button (FF) Power Button (CM) Sleep Button (CM) PC Speaker -Printers (CUPS)- CUPS-PDF : <i>(Default)</i> RX600 -IDE Disks- -SCSI Disks- ATA ST3320820AS ATA ST3320820AS HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H20L HL-DT-ST DVD-ROM GDR8164B Generic Flash HS-CF Generic Flash HS-MS/SD Generic Flash HS-SM

Upup Alpha 7 WARNING
Username: happypuppy
"I get this warning message with Upup Alpha 7: " WARNING: Deprecated config file /etc/modprobe.conf ,all config files belong to /etc/modprobe.d/ " You'll have to exit from X to the commandline to see it.

Karmic Koala = WOW!
Username: happypuppy
"Karmic Koala is *MUCH* faster than Jaunty ! First benchmarks of Karmic Alpha 1 with the 2.6.30-rc5 kernel:

Shut down issues
Username: rebbi1
"Barry, Puppy is fantastic, but I can't get alpha 6 or alpha 7 to shut down properly on my old HP laptop (4.2 is fine). When I try to shut down, I never get the standard offers to create a pup-save file and so on. So I can't save any of my settings or applications. Oddly, even on a shutdown, the computer never actually powers fully down (as it does in 4.2). Instead, the power LED stays lit or begins to flash slowly as if the machine's gone into some sort of suspend mode. Any ideas??

GoodJob but Package Manager
Username: Miaou
"Hi Barry, Everything works fine for me except the package Manager. Dependencies are not installed and apart from that several packages are missing from the repositories. For instance try to install: grace and you will see what I mean. Other packages you would like to try to install are: texlive-full, evince (with support for postscript documents) emacs If these can be installed without agony and pain and they work fine, then we are in pretty good position

sfs module howto?
Username: poppyer2
"I try to utilize that idea of "sfs modules", but I don't know build a sfs module, specifically, how to install a package to a sfs module? It seems that petget has no --root=dir like options to relocate a package. And also, I see some centralized file in /root/.packages/, will the packages installed in a sfs module recognized by the package management system?

Alpha 8
Username: lobster
"The complete (all five files) are now combined and hosted by Caneri

black out Medion?
Username: davids45
"I think I have the same computer model as Bm (Medion 8818) and I have the same almost instant black screen failure to boot with the latest upup Live CD. I have the same black screen failure with the latest Lighthouse Pup, and all of MU's NY pups and the lxde-pup. My older Medion 8383 boots all these Live CDs OK as does my work HP (both these are Hyperthreading rather than true dual core like the 8818). So could it be the video card or the wireless keyboard/mouse or some other hardware peculiarity of this computer reacting badly to something common in all these Pups, but not in 4.2? Puppy 4.2 in both single and multiple core versions is excellent on everything I've tried.

RE: iwlwifi firmware
Username: BarryK
"[i]running alpha8 on an HP dv5 laptop using a manual frugal install. works fine except... I need to copy the file iwlwifi-5000-1.ucode into /lib/firmware to get the Intel wireless driver to work. I think this is associated with the module iwlagn.ko[/i] You need to give me a link to get it from.

Messed up display: X or Console?
Username: GreatnessGuru
"What I had thought was X messing up in Alphas 7 & 8 may really be the Console display during boot since it happens very soon after entering "puppy pfix=ram" and before any dialogs appear about screen size, etc. It may also be the same as the "black screen" some have reported, but my console screen doesn't turn black, but has other garbage instead. Alpha six worked. I'm using that to type this up. 4.1.2 also works fine. Thanks, Eddie Maddox Inwood IA USA

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