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Xdelta GUI written

May 18, 2009 — BarryK
I have written a simple GUI for the Xdelta utility (now in Puppy, see previous post). The script is /usr/sbin/xdelta_gui.

There is an entry "Xdelta file difference manager" in the Utility menu. This brings up a GUI with two text-entry boxes. These support drag-and-drop, so that you can drag two files into these boxes, then hit the 'GENERATE' button and a '.delta' compressed difference file will be created. Or vice-versa, drag the original "old" file plus the .delta file to the boxes and hit 'GENERATE' to recreate the "new" file.

I have created a mime-type 'application/x-delta' that ROX-Filer recognises. Clicking on any file with '.delta' extension will bring up the Xdelta GUI. These files also display with their own special icon.

Note that when the script creates a .delta file from two original files, "old" and "new", the .delta file is created with a name like this:

That is, the old and the new filenames are in the resulting filename, and yes, ':' is part of the filename. When such a file is clicked on in ROX-Filer, or dragged to the GUI, the script automatically knows the names of the old and new files, and searches for the old file. Clicking 'GENERATE' will automatically recreate the "new" file with correct name.

This is intended to make things super-easy for downloading and processing .delta files when I release upgrades of Puppy. For example, if I use Puppy 5.0.0 as the base, this must be downloaded in full. However, upgrades, say 5.0.1, will be delta files and only have to be downloaded and clicked on to automatically recreate the full 5.0.1 iso file.

I also added support for the '.delta' and '.bfe' (bcrypt encrypted files) to the "zip" icon on the desktop. Just drag to the icon opens 'xdelta_gui' or 'bcrypt_gui' applications.


ccrypt file recognition

xdelta and the trouble some : colon
Username: aarf
"simple and easy except if you have two .iso on a FAT partition and want to calculate the difference delta, you will get [quote]ERROR! failed to generate the .delta file. Error message: xdelta3: file open failed: write: /mnt/sdc1/upup456/ Invalid argument[/quote] because the output file has a (:) in the name and FAT doesn't like :'s in file names. simple upgrade of xdelta would fix this.

'-' and '_' chars in msdos
Username: BarryK
"Now, which way round was it... the old msdos filesystem does not accept '-' or '_' chars? We had this problem awhile back. If I change the name format for these .delta files, I'll use only legal msdos chars.

super easy gui
Username: f00-
"..should work fine for most users. For me, the name of the xdelta file is truncated so the drag'n'drop doesn't work so well. So using say "# xdelta3 -d -s pup_stardust-006.iso pup_stardust-007.iso" will work just fine in a console in the dir where the '006.iso and ' mesh to make nice shiny new twinkly stardust 8) - it's not broke, just finicky.

xdelta md5sum automation
Username: aarf
"right so now we got libraries full of iso files and an application that calculates differences. so what we need is an on-line application that calculates the required differences from user inputs of request, with md5sums also calculated and available for download. perhaps also saves the calculated requests for further request use. i.e we want to automate the difference and md5sum calculation process. anyone up for it? we have offers of capable hosts. forum thread at

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