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June 09, 2009 — BarryK
I have compiled this for Puppy2. The patched source, third-party drivers and SFS source file are to be found here:

The source has been patched for a default loglevel of 3, squashfs 3.3 and unionfs 2.5.1.

These are the third-party drivers:

Filesystem: ntfs-3g (2009.4.4), squashfs (3.3)
Modem: agrsm, ess, hsfmodem, intel-536, intel-537, ltmodem, pctel, slmodem, ungrab-winmodem
Sound: sis7019
Wireless: rt2860, rt2870, ndiswrapper (20090414)

Notice all the modem drivers. I have even included the hsfmodem modules and they will be in the live-CD. My reasoning is that this is a retro-Puppy so should go all-out to support dialup analog modems. There is also a hsfmodem firmware tarball in /lib/all-firmware. Rerwin is going to love this pup I think.

Even so, I'm tempted to take out the 537 driver, considering that it is 4MB. The 536 driver is "only" 1MB.

We probably need more third-party network drivers, but I'm not sure what. Tempestuous, perhaps you can remember better than me what extra drivers we need for the 2.6.18.x kernel?

Anyway, it will all be released soon, and anyone who wants to contribute more drivers is sure welcome to!


extra drivers
Username: tempestuous
Ah, you compiled some third party modules. Yes, I can list more third party modules worthy of inclusion, if you feel inspired: WIFI acx (mac80211 won't work in 2.6.18) linux-wlan-ng (USB only) madwifi ETHERNET Attansic/Atheros atl2 currently not found on that site, but I can supply atl2_1.0.40.4-4.tar.gz Attansic/Atheros atl1e Realtek r8101 Communications Network ICs > Network Interface Controllers > 10/100M Fast Ethernet > PCI Express > Software RTL8100E...etc RDC r6040 (for the eBox) WEBCAMS gspca UVC Quickcam qc-usb

r8101 link
Username: tempestuous
"Oops sorry, the Realtek r8101 link is Communications Network ICs > Network Interface Controllers > 10/100M Fast Ethernet > PCI Express > Software RTL8100E...etc

Ralink wifi confi
Username: tempestuous
"When you compiled the Ralink RT2860 and RT2870 drivers I hope you modified os/linux/ as such - HAS_WPA_SUPPLICANT=y HAS_NATIVE_WPA_SUPPLICANT_SUPPORT=y Otherwise compatibility with the "wext" interface in wpa_supplicant will be broken, and this will naturally result in forum posts of "why doesn't WPA work with my Ralink device?"

network wizard
Username: tempestuous
"Oh, an updated Network Wizard will be needed to support some of these wifi drivers. The most recent version I'm aware of was from April 1st. Dougal originally posted it as tar.gz on the forum, then removed it later. I repackaged it as a dotpet here.

3G modems
Username: tempestuous
"The older 2.6.18 kernel will fail to recognise many modern wireless modems. This will limit the usability of rerwin's 3G Wizard in this Puppy version. It's feasible that the "option" module could be hacked with these modern USB ID's, but it involves a fair amount of effort. And for the usb_modeswitch function to work, the usb-storage module would need to be hacked, also.

Re: 3rd party drivers
Username: BarryK
"tempestuous, thanks for the feedback. I'm a bit burnt out right now, so have uploaded 218 as-is. Note, as 218 is built with Woof, it automatically has most of the latest infrastructure, including Dougal's Network Wizard, also rerwin's 3G stuff.

Re: upload 218
Username: BarryK
"Or, rather, it is currently uploading. Quite a bit of stuff, so wait awhile, I'll announce it soon.

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