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Auto deletion of pets by PPM

June 22, 2009 — BarryK
Ttuuxxx wrote:
Also sometimes with your newer package manager on woof and 2.18 deletes the pet packages once its finished installing, this is a feature I've grown to hate, lol could you imagine downloading OpenOffice and installing the pet and then you go back to archive it on your hard drive and its deleted?? It happened to me, well over 200MB download. If people don't want a pet, they can delete it. simple.

As far as I can see, that only happens if a package is in /root directory. I suppose I never thought that users would have pets in /root, but would have them in some other directory.


Pet deletion
Username: dogone
I'm solidly behind Ttuuxxx on this one Barry. PPM ought not to delete any pet it itself did not download. Doing so is not "the Linux way". Puppy shouldn't "MS" around with user's files ;-).

The vet
Username: No1
"[i]If people don't want a pet, they can delete it. simple.[/i] You don't delete a pet, you take him to the vet, or send him off to live on a farm :n_n:

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