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Bad MS!

June 18, 2009 — BarryK
Heh heh, forum member RawEnergy reminded me about this link that I posted ages ago:


6th Year!
Username: Raffy
Happy Birthday, Puppy !!! Puppy Linux is now 6 years in the Net.

Username: Raffy
"Here is something quotable: "In its 6th year, Puppy Linux is 6th in Distrowatch" (one-month tally). Thanks, Barry, Warren and the Forum/community. (Warren, there are still b**s reported now and then for 4.2/4.2.1 (an example is broadcomm wifi previously working in 4.1.1), so you might want to give 4.2.x some more spin. :) But take your time.) With what's happening, the fast emerging question is what computing ecology or system will the vast majority of people enjoy (and [u]learn[/u] to live with) in the use of Linux/FOSS. How will the Puppy Linux developers influence this new system? (The status quo - simply continuing with development and helping users - is fine with me, and with this in mind, members of the community will recognize that shoving through the crowd to get a front seat amounts to nothing. :)

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