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Extra drivers for Puppy2

June 04, 2009 — BarryK
This is going back in time a bit, but tempestuous posted some extra kernel drivers for the old kernel. This was in forum thread:

In December 2007 tempestuous posted the MADWiFi driver patched to support the inbuilt wifi adaptor in the ASUS Eee ultraportable notebook, The drivers that I already had in the kernel were dated February 2007, and I have updated. This involves replacing the modules in /lib/modules/ and the firmware /lib/modules/all-firmware/madwifi-0.9.2 -- which has executables in usr/bin that were dated October 2006.

Tempestuous posted the zd1211rw.ko driver, and stated this:
Pup214R contains the zd1211 and zd1211b "Vendor-based community drivers" for Zydas chipset-based wifi devices, but apparently some Zydas devices require the standard zd1211rw driver
However, my kernel, as used in Puppy 2.1.7, already has zd1211rw and does not have zd1211 or zd1211b. So, I suppose that I can just leave it as-is.

Tempestuous posted the atl2.ko driver:
Here is the Atheros (formerly Attansic) atl2 ethernet driver compatible with the ASUS Eee notebook, and some recent motherboards.
I have put this into /lib/modules/

Tempestuous posted a driver for the webcam in the ASUS Eee. This is /lib/modules/

Tempestuous posted the "nozomi" driver for certain models of GlobeTrotter GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA wireless modems. This is /lib/modules/

In January 2008 tempestuous posted this:
Here is the asus_acpi module, the patched version which supports the ASUS Eee notebook.
It enables certain hotkeys on the keyboard.
Thanks to Dougal for tips about how to hack the source code so this module would compile under the kernel.

This replaces /lib/modules/ that was compiled in Feb. 2007.


Build a new 2 series - how hard would it be for you
Username: John Biles
Hello Barry K, If you sat down and compiled a later glibc => 2.5 again the same kernel and then updated alsa to => 1.0.18 and maybe xorg to 7.1 / 7.2 how long would it take you? With these 3 main changes Apps like Firefox 3 and a host of other newer apps as well as flash 10 plugin should work in a Puppy 2 series environment. It would also let the 2 series work with sound on the EeePC 900A Model. What are your thoughts on this?

module updates
Username: tempestuous
"Mmm. Now that people are getting serious about the old 2-series, I think the issue of third-party modules should be completely revisited, and updated. But like Raffy I'm a little confused, Puppy 2.17 had the [b][/b] kernel. Puppy 2.18 (or 2.1.8!) will have the filesystem from 2.17, but the kernel from 2.12-2.16? Is this right? I will look back through my Puppy 214R installation, and see what modern modules should be compiled. And a warning about the Eee-compatible MADWiFi driver - apparently it breaks compatibility with standard Atheros-based wifi devices. kernel
Username: BarryK
"tempestuous, I just checked, the last in the 2.6.18.x series was, so I might as well compile that. I will make another announcement about "218beta", will probably upload it with everything needed for future development and turn it over to anyone who is interested in reviving the 2.x series. Re 2.17, it may have had a later kernel but can still be built with the 2.6.18.x kernel and I did recall one reason people stayed with earlier versions was because they needed that kernel.

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