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How I relate to people

June 02, 2009 — BarryK
I'm the kind of guy who takes awhile to feel comfortable with others. While in Melbourne, my daughter took me to a function where there were lots of her friends. I was very quiet during the evening, and I explained afterward to my daughter that my attitude toward others is best summed up by a cartoon created by Leunig. I scanned it and sent it to her. Then I thought why not post it on my blog:

Leunig is a cartoonist who lives in Melbourne. He is famous for his introspective cartoons.

Here are more:


The other person
Username: Raffy
Well, knowing that you could be so silent, it's up to your daughter to "break the ice" with friends, such as making a proud introduction like, "Here's my Dad - he codes things that I can't really understand!" :) As to personality type, coders can't be that extrovert, else they cant live the endless hours together with their "love" (the computer). Hey, I've met Hacao in HoChiMinh City, and he is certainly no different. But I caught him in a sweet pose: [img][/img]

What Other people...
Username: daftdog
"Ah Leunig, such insight he brings to us. One of the funniest things for me in this cartoon is that YOU are "OTHER people" to everybody else so therefore the questions in the cartoon become moot. I remember a part in the movie 'Harold and Maude' where Harold comments on how Maude loves people and gets on so well with them. Maude's reply, "Well, they're my species".

Username: greenpossum
"Ah Leunig, one of our quirky national treasures. Sartre's line summarises it as "hell is other people". Intro/extraversion varies widely and is partly nature so no-one should feel compelled to fit any norm; there isn't one.

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