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Hsfmodem modules in 415

June 26, 2009 — BarryK
I compiled the Conexant hsfmodem modules for the kernel. I thought that I had already compiled it somewhere, but can't find it. The source package I have, 'hsfmodem-', did not compile and I had to hack some files -- I'll name the patched file 'hsfmodem-' and upload it to my source repo at

But, there is a price to pay, the size of the kernel package. In my previous blog post I reported that the kernel package had grown from 24.17MB to 24.80MB. Well now it is 25.74MB.

But, if Puppy is going to fill the niche area of supporting dialup users, then this bulk is worth it.

Note also that there is a corresponding hsfmodem firmware tarball in the pckage.


k2.6.30.1 canned - 2.6.31 is the real bugfixed 2.6.30
Username: happypuppy
There won't be any k2.6.30.1 kernel. 2.6.30 is dead. 2.6.31 is the real bugfix for 2.6.30 - I haven't seen so many bugfixes and improvements in a kernel release. 2.6.31(-rc1) is out and it's a *HUGE* huge that using 2.6.30 makes no sense :) - Kernel mode setting - SB X-FI drivers! - Much better Intel drivers - Open source ATI Radeon R600/R700 drivers with DRI - Significant memory, CPU and disk / filesystem performance optimisations

Username: ttuuxxx
"4.2 had alsaplayer that I packaged with streamtuner which had hundreds of music stations, and reviews were impressed to see streamtuner finally in a puppy, most wanted streamripper :) plus it has a mikmod plugin thats great for SDL games like supertux, which gxine doesn't support that format, plus alsaplayer takes less system resources, my pc almost hangs every time I startup pmusic, It runs slow etc, something about gtkdialog3 its just real resource hungry on newer pc's, I sure as heck wouldn't want to be playing a music cd on a laptop using it, lol It would kill at battery before the cd would be finished. We have to look at resources and features when determining software, pmusic+pc can't play half the music formats that alsaplayer can with streamtuner, also theres a midi plugin for it, that I compiled for another forum member who was really happy to have a lite mediaplayer with midi, flac,mikmod,Ogg Vorbis,WAV,CDDA, Audio File Library,Then the supported sound systems are Jack,ALSA,OSS,SGI,NAS,ESD,NULL plus fun things like Full speed (pitch) control, positive and negative,scopes, etc.for a combined weight of 400kb for both Alsaplayer and Streamtuner really, I can't see pmedia and pcd that combined have about 1/5 of usability and about double the system resources. Sometimes extra weight means more savings on resources, Like I proved before with VLC vs Gxine, VLC was over double the size but took less that 1/2 the resources and allowed users to play dvd's or cd but couldn't on gxine due to low system resources. Its all in the vlc thread :) I recompiled alsaplayer on 415 already and plays great, I like that your able to drag and drop to play a song and one click it loads and plays a cd from the main gui, and you don't have to click in menus to do it like gxine. Who knows what will happen. I was supose to add features from 4.2 to 415, pcd wasn't a feature, but alsaplayer+streamtuner was also :) ttuuxxx

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