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Improvements to Woof

June 21, 2009 — BarryK
I have been working on the Woof scripts. This is of interest only to those who will use Woof to build puppies.

I have written a script, support/fix-puppy-dbs, which examines the local 'Packages-puppy-*' package database files, makes sure they have correct entries, and also checks with the 'Packages-puppy-*' files on and even checks that the packages actually exist on

This script is called automatically when the '0setup' script is run.

A technical note:
Ibiblio has files 'Packages-puppy-2-official', 'Packages-puppy-3-official', 'Packages-puppy-4-official' and 'Packages-puppy-5-official' and these are also local for Woof to access.
For building Ppup for the Puppy4 series, there is a special local file 'Packages-puppy-4xx-official' -- this is not at, in Woof only. This files defines the set of packages that Puppy will be built from.
For the Ppup Pupy2 series, the equivalent is 'Packages-puppy-2xx-official'.

One of the things that the 'fix-puppy-dbs' script does is make sure the entries in the 'Packages-puppy-2xx-official' and 'Packages-puppy-4xx-official' have correct entries and are synchronised with the other 'Packages-puppy-[2345]-official' files.


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