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Internet delay

June 15, 2009 — BarryK
My application for a new satellite Internet connection is delayed. It's govt red tape.

The Federal govt subsidies rural satellite installations, but they have queried my upgrade application. So, I'm waiting on that to be resolved.

In the meantime, I'm thinking of using my 3G mobile. But, oh my, look at the prices:


I rang Big Pete
Username: cthisbear
I rang Peter Garretts office. Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts I won't hold my breath. But his receptionist was OK. Just rang to see if they could cancel the red tape. And also explained your Puppy project. Regards...............Chris.

Username: Raffy
"Speaking of using 3G services, it is now likely that Smartbooks (ARM-based) will be available commercially in late 2009: It will behave as an always-connected phone in addition to being a computer. Reviving the old question about whether Puppy Linux will play in the ARM platform: Thanks for reading. :)

Username: ttuuxxx
"Its too bad you don't have adsl2+ over the phone lines, They keep raising my limit:) now I can download 55GB a month 30/25 @ 2MB/sec in Sydney for $49.99 a month. It went from 30GB to 40GB to 50GB and now 55GB, wow, soon I'll have to lower my downloads to the $39.99 plan, lol I use but for mobiles I don't have a clue, I just have a regular navigator phone with virgin mobile, like $30 a month for 24months and It cam with a free Navigator phone and $200 a month worth of calls, it was a great deal since the phone was worth $700 at the time, when I started the plan, You would think that a $700 phone would be waterproof, I had 2 of those phones go on me due to rain, and Nokia doesn't replace water damage, one other them lasted me 6 day, of a 2yr contract, man that got me, So I went and purchased a $30 no frills phone and bought a Tom Tom for the car, :) fixed that problem, lol but still have 20 months left to second phones contract, well its still worth it due to the amount of free calls I get. ttuuxxx

Western AU providers
Username: dogone
"This looks like a valuable resource:

Get a Virgin
Username: ttuuxxx
"lol Get a vigin mobile plan I meant, lol for $34/month you can download 5GB downloads on the 3G network, I think its a 24 month plan, but if you sign-up on the net you get 3 months free and also a free modem. ttuuxxx

Western AU providers
Username: dogone
"Sorry. Here's the link again:

Telstra hostage
Username: BarryK
"No guys, I can't get any other plan, only with Telstra. They are the only ones that cover my rural region. They have a 3G monopoly in most rural areas of Australia, so charge what they want.

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