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Lots of fixes for Woof

June 02, 2009 — BarryK
As I currently do not have Internet from home, I am not posting to this blog so often, and not every detail of my work is getting reported.

Anyway, I have fixed some bugs in the Woof build system.

Ah yes, one thing that I think is fixed. In the Debian build, the entries in the menu were all wrong.

I also solved the problem of two instances of 'xwin' running. This occurs on the first boot, /etc/profile launches xwin, which in turn launches xorgwizard. However, xorgwizard has a 'exec xwin' in it. I have simply replaced that with 'exit' and that should have fixed the problem. Dougal also posted a comment to this blog a couple of days ago with the solution to this problem.

I did mention in a previous blog post that '3builddistro' now have theme selection. I have made this into a little GUI for easy selection of the default background image, desktop icons, GTK and JWM themes.


Japanese locale
Username: himajin
Hi,Barry. Japanese locale is not "ja_JP.utf8". It is "ja_JP.UTF8". Woof uses "ja_JP.utf8",so Japnese input method is not work good. Regards.

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