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More upgrades for 415

June 25, 2009 — BarryK
I have upgraded these packages:

---same version as before, but now have 'flac' pkg builtin to 41x, optional dependency for ripoff.
asunder 1.6.2
---this is a version increase, also same thing, more audio pkgs are in this latest pup (flac, libsamplerate, speex) so a recompile is needed. Note, I chose ripoff to be builtin to 41x, asunder is in the puppy-4 repo.



Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi lobster yes its possible, and was already on things to do list that I keep in my head, lol Yes I'll include the fresh menus scrip, probably locate it in the same location as last time, it was more noticeable therefor new users would find it easy to find/use :) ttuuxxx

menu simple
Username: lobster
"HiTtuuxxx, Hi Barry, It is a simpler option than the pop up shutdown script I am proposing. Just add refresh menus as a menu option but run the jwm restart script. Just another simple idea.

menu simple
Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Lobster I was thinking as soon as you click the menu button, and to have it right under the help button and above the shutdown button, so its right there as soon as you open the menu, Its more user friendly when its out in the open like that, It does get a lot of use. :) ttuuxxx

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