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Nice icon for SFS files

June 21, 2009 — BarryK
That is something we needed, a nice icon for SFS files viewed in ROX-Filer. I downloaded an icon from the forum recently, a brown box with the letters "SFS" on the front and a padlock inside the box. Does anyone know who created this?

Anyway, it's nice and I have put it into the ROX-Filer package. Given the importance of SFS files to Puppy, they really did need to have their own icon.

I also downloaded the 'Silver Marble' desktop icon theme recently, forgot to record who created that one too! That's nice, I've made it into package '' and it will be uploaded to ibiblio soon. Note, the name is chosen for consistency with other desktop icon theme packages on ibiblio.

A note for those designing desktop icons, if you create say 'x48.png' then you don't have to put 'x24.png' into the theme. When a theme is chosen to be used, the install script /usr/sbin/icon_switcher_cli will generate the 24x24 icons from the 48x48 icons. This happens at first boot of Puppy, so you save some space in the iso file. Note also that you can put SVG icons in your theme and the install script will generate PNG icons. The same thing happens with the GUI icon-switcher script, /usr/sbin/icon_switcher.


Who made the marbles?
Username: shogunsteve
I'll claim that one...steve_s forum name...thanks for the compliment, Master Barry..

sfs icon
Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry I made up the SFS Icon, It used a tango file box and a gnome lock, I think it was about 5 layers in Gimp, Also I included in the Rox packages I made up for jpup, I figured when I was making that it should go with the pet package look, Also in the Rox package I made up, there's lots of nice mimes, 90% are smaller than the ones included with puppy also. I spent like 2 weeks messing around with package, lol Thanks ttuuxxx

intuitive color?
Username: foo
"Something to think about in terms of 'functional bling' might be an integration of click-mount status of .sfs or even other save files into the pup_event front end system? Not certain how useful it would be in the mainstream but I know I sometimes almost forget about clickmounts when I'm chasing down files locally (shading the rox up and leaving it usually serves as a reminder if it doesn't get buried or closed). The current basics of plain (unmounted), green (mounted) and red for (locked/boot) might go the final step with a yellow 'caution' overlay ball or tinted/signified for when a drive has clickmounted file(s) .. just a thought, visual cues often help :)

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