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June 27, 2009 — BarryK
Yesterday I discovered a bug in PPLOG. I made a post, but forgot the title field, and so got an error message. Then I found I was unable to make any more posts. So, I logged into my website, made an archive tarball of the blog, and this morning I examined it.

The great thing about PPLOG is its extreme simplicity. The author Fedekun has my admiration for such an elegant program, a wonderful example of the KISS principle. It was immediately apparent what the problem is, and I confirmed by placing the blog at /root/httpd/hiawatha/blog and running it locally. The last post was a zero-byte file, and there is a bug in the code that prevents any further post. However, just removing the zero-byte file fixes it.

I think that Fedekun has fixed the problem of posting comments from IE or Opera, so I'll ask him to fix this one too, then it will be time to do an upgrade.

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