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Ptimer, etc

June 27, 2009 — BarryK
I have upgraded some more of zigbert's apps:

Ptimer 0.2
Pschedule 0.7
Pprocess 1.0
Pmirror 0.4
pCD 0.8 -- a nice little audio CD player, a newcomer to Puppy.


Ptimer, etc
Username: ttuuxxx
Well you can have my vote against pCD, Pmusic,pProcess,If xfburn had as many options I would be against Pburn also, Gtkdialog is a terrible resource hog, every time I startup pmusic my newer pc with like 3 gigs of ddr2 in it runs like a pent1, Zigbert has a terrible habit of pushing the boundaries too far, Gtkdialog works fine as small apps only. I've supplied many replacements for audio players on puppy, and really don't understand then need for Pmusic/Pcd when the other audio-players play like 10 times the formats, plus they have equalizers, proper winamp skins, plugins for other formats that gxine doesn't provide, online audio, less buggy, less resources, longer battery life on laptops, etc. As for Searchmonkey not working on 4.15, well add it to the list, abiword crashes when you click because CUPS needs compiling, once you compiled cups, it no longer crashes, but every time I compile 3.8 CUPS it gives permission errors when its ran. How did you compile CUPS in the not to have permissions problems, I could go down the user patriots route where he simply gave all privileges and opened up extra ports, but that makes a big security hole which you never had before. Then they added a hack that automatically adds the user name and password. Thats how they fixed it in 4.2. But really thats not how it should be done. I did look up on google the gtk error with searchmonkey, One site said it was a outdated glade version doing it, so I compiled the latest glade and tried to compile/run it, and it still had the same error. So its not glade. I also had a error no information availbe when I was trying to get another application running, So I copied over the none stripped version from 4.2 which was much larger, but that error was gone. Final note, Maybe if Zigbert would learn vala, or use 'C' I wouldn't be so hard on his apps, But until then Pmusic,Pcd, are 100% pure crap!! ttuuxxx

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