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Puppy 414 alpha release

June 24, 2009 — BarryK
This has not reached any particular state of completion. It's just a snapshot of my latest build. The "414" build is the latest built in Woof from Puppy 4.x packages. It has lots of upgraded packages though, as reported in this blog.

Actually, I'm uploading a snapshot right now because I'm in Perth, with high-speed Internet access. Tomorrow morning I'm going back home, to a very limited Internet access situation -- via my 3G mobile and at the local Telecentre. Hopefully temporary.

This snapshot good enough to use on a daily basis, well I'm using it everyday. I have not put any imagination into this build -- it is the same old Arctic coastline, Stardust icons, and gradient-grey colors, as per 411 and 412. So, someone needs to design a theme for the upcoming 430!

I have a to-do list, and will keep working on it, for the 415 release. Of course, testers are welcome! Also, it is likely that ttuuxxx will be working on porting the best bits of 420/421 into it -- so discuss with ttuuxxx what you think that should be, or if there was something negative in 42x compared with 412 let us know that to so we can avoid it.

I have built 414 with the same kernel as in earlier 4.x puppies. Except I have thrown in some more modules. I will probably build 415 in two flavours, with a later kernel also.

Lots more stuff underneath, you have to read my blog! On top, well, browse the menu to find new apps. A couple of exciting apps are MU's PuppyBrowser and Nicolas's NicoEdit.

Also uploaded is the 'devx' file and the Woof tarball. The latter allows you to build your own puppies.

And, for those on dialup, if you had previously downloaded the "413" live-CD build from ibiblio, a "delta" file is available, size 32MB. The file is '' -- just download it then click on it -- as long as you still have the old 'ppup-413.iso' somewhere, the "414" live-CD file 'pup4-414.iso' will be generated.

Get it all from here:


414 forum feedback
Username: BarryK
I have started a forum thread for feedback:

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