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Puppy Package Database -- NO

June 27, 2009 — BarryK
I suppose that I should come out and state this before it goes any further. Lobster requested that the PPDB being developed by gposil be included in the next release of Puppy, so I took a look at it.

The 'ppdb' binary executable has been UPXed to hide its true size. Uncompressed, it's 5424KB (5.3MB). That is huge. Now, it may be that there are good reasons for that size, but they would have to be explained to me. On the surface of it, it appears that gposil has used one of the inefficient development environments, such as freePascal, which have huge overheads in the generated executables. Which is contrary to the fundamental philosophy of Puppy.

So, unless I am convinced otherwise, PPDB will not be builtin to Puppy. It can of course remain as a PET package.

Besides, even if it turns out that gposil has used an efficient development environment, I would be reluctant to include it. Puppy already has Sqlite, gdbm and Berkely databases, and a small executable can be created that uses one of these, or an existing product such as Sqlitemanager, Sqlite-Manager (SeaMonkey addon) or Sqlitedbms.

The Sqlite Manager Seamonkey addon is an active project. I'm downloading it now and if it has the required features and stability I'll put it into the next build. It's just 105KB compressed. Er, except the latest version, 0.4.8, is designed for SeaMonkey 2.0. There is an older version (0.3.4) that runs with SeaMonkey 1.1.x.



Small database
Username: Lobster
:) gposil is working as far as I know on two databases What he describes as "A small personal database app for inclusion in Puppy, which is nearing completion" and this one which is too big for Puppy as you mention: "but I thought you'd like to have a look at a Personal Database where size is not a consideration..." I have not seen the small personal database yet but the size suggested for this was either 50k or 100k (can not remember which) Hope the small one materializes :happy:

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