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Puppy Package Manager bugfix

June 21, 2009 — BarryK
It took a lot of hard thinking, but turned out to be a simple solution. Alpha9 testers have reported that the PPM lists some packages that are already installed. That is, lists them in the main window as candidates for installation, when in fact they are already user-installed or builtin when the ISO was created.

There was also a report that if a PET package is clicked on in a Rox window to install it, then it doesn't show up in the PPM as installed. Maybe my earlier bugfixing has fixed that too, anyway I just did a test, installed Bluefish and it showed up in PPM as installed. I clicked on it in PPM and it uninstalled ok, then showed up in the main window of PPM as available again. So that seems to be working nicely.

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