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Puppy2 new packages uploaded

June 10, 2009 — BarryK
Oh man, now I know why this took me so long... 122 packages! I have uploaded them to:

Here is the list. These are either upgrades or new packages, to bring Puppy 217 up to at least a par with 412, and operationally functional in the new Woof-built environment:


Uniform Pet packaging
Username: Raffy
Now, that makes the files in [b]pet_packages-2/[/b] consistent with PET packaging for Puppy (previously, the packages were tar.gz files in [b]pupget_packages-1/[/b] ). Thanks, Barry.

Username: ttuuxxx
"Nice going Barry, excellent work:) Having a look at 2.18 right now, looks a lot better now :) Great package updates, Whats next Series 3.0 ? maybe make it upgraded to 12.2 Slackware, thats the last of Glibc 2.7 I think Glibc2.5 could be replaced with 2.7 with a couple of system links, the next version uses a more current Glibc, I think its going to be 2.9. Anyways 120 updates, most feel good :) to finish. Always feel great to start, lol ttuuxxx

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