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PuppyBrowser web browser

June 16, 2009 — BarryK
MU (Mark) has created a brilliant little web browser, written in Genie, named "PuppyBrowser". This is the forum thread:

I have massaged it a little bit and made it into a package to replace 'gtkmoz' as used in the previous Woof build. The PET package is '' (I compiled it in 413, and it should work fine in all Woof compatible-distros). The '.1' is because of the little mods I made.

The really great thing is that I have left in the source code. In /usr/local/PuppyBrowser there is '' and '', sizes 3KB and 35KB. This means, if the 'devx' SFS file is loaded then anyone can compile the application. The binary executable is 53KB.

The package has scripts 'bareview' and 'cupsview' in /usr/local/bin, for cases where a simplified user interface is required. The first case displays a window without any buttons or menu intems, the latter has back and forward buttons and is used for the CUPS web-interface management.

Note, Mark originally compiled it with ValaIDE, however I have put in /usr/local/PuppyBrowser/bk_compile script to compile it without needing ValaIDE.

Tags: woof