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June 28, 2009 — BarryK
I have built some code to optionally choose to strip all binary executables and shared library files, into Woof's '3builddistro' script. This will take care of any packages that may not be properly stripped. Note, I have always used the '--strip-debug' option when stripping shared library files, as I was told a long time ago on the Aussie Linux newsgroup (2003) that it was unwise to fully strip library files. I have stuck with that, but perhaps it isn't really a problem, so the stripping code in '3builddistro' has only the '--strip-unneeded' option.

Apart from the above, I have done some tweaking here and there, and the most recent build, complete with all the analog modem modules (including 536, 537 and Conexant hsf) weighs in at 99.66MB -- yay, under 100MB!


Username: ttuuxxx
Hi Barry, Did you manage to recompile CUPS?, everytime I try to do it, It reports permissions problems, It needs to be recompiled so Abiword would be stable, If you press the print button icon on the gui panel, it will instantly crash, recompiling Cups fixes this, but then you get permissions errors with Cups. Maybe Gtk and Glib could be upgrade so we don't get those compiling issues like with Searchmonkey. We can't really go another 1-2 years with this series with a gtk issue from the getgo, can we? There's 2,620 results on google for that type of error, lets of programs will have issues compiling if it isn't fixed/replaced/updated. here's a link of them this is what I use for stripping bins/so files strip -R .note -R .comment "$1" I usually have a script with it inside, then I place it in /usr/bin in my devX pets or sfs, and have a 'customise menu' in Rox, for the 2 types I strip, then all I do is right click on a bin or so file and select 'StripBins' and they get stripped. 2 click per file. ttuuxxx

Username: ttuuxxx
"I came across this very small but nice looking cd/dvd burner called simpleburn, its base is C/GTK+ so it works fine on puppy, also it has some real nice features, there's one issue that maybe one of you programmers might be able to fix, it doesn't detect the cd/dvd burner, because maybe it uses cdrtoolscdrtools, dvd+rw-tool. If this program could be fixed for puppy, it would be a very good addition, due to all the extras it can do, like rip and burn cd's, copy cd's/dvd's, burn images. Plus its a bit smaller than Pburn. direct download The website hasn't have the latest of image of it, it has more features now, plus its real simple for user to use. If anyone can fix the sources for puppy, I think that would be great. Its always nice to have a small alternative burner, the bin file is only 30kb and the scripts it uses is about 10kb extracted. We are talking around 40kb extracted, that's worth fixing, at least I think so :) ttuuxxx

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