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SQLiteManager database manager

June 27, 2009 — BarryK
I have made this into a PET package. This is an addon for SeaMonkey, and is 168KB total when expanded and the PET package is 84KB. The package is named '' and I'll upload it to ibiblio soon.

The most recent version is 0.4.8, however it is designed for SeaMonkey 2.0. By employing various dark arts I was able to get it going in SM 1.1.16, but got one error message while using -- it is a non-fatal error, but probably best to stay with 0.3.4 for now.

Here is online info:

Here is a snapshot:

This addon will probably be in the next build, version 416.


sqlite update due

SQLite managers
Username: BarryK
"4.3pre-beta has both SQLiteManager and SQLiteDBMS for comparison. Will be uploaded today. I'll have a go at compiling SQLiteBrowser, I'm curious to see how big it is with the Qt libraries linked statically.

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