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Suggested project: write Turma in Genie

June 05, 2009 — BarryK
See in my last post, I used Turma to find and replace all occurences of ".svg" with ".png" in the source files. Turma is such a handy GUI application to do this, but is GTK1 -- a long time ago I did attempt to compile it with GTK2 libs but got lots of errors.

Nicolas and Mark are really into Genie coding... I have a suggestion, if you guys are looking for ideas. Convert Turma to Genie code. That would fill one of the few remaining gaps in the Puppy application suite.

Yeah, I know it can be done with the 'rpl' commandline utility too:
# rpl -p '.svg' '.png' *.c

But... a GUI is nice.

Note, even the upgraded Puppy2 now has the Vala compiler!


no time
Username: MU
I already had thought about it, but fear, I have no time. From tuesday to wednesday (8 days next week) I will visit my mom in northern germany. I have no internet there, and plan to continue some parts, that are not finished yet. E.g. I need a widget like the treeview, that displays/handles a table (like a detailed filelist in rox). Both need drag'n'drop in addition. Goal is to have classes, that can be easily used in own programs. (with the tree class I already quickly could write some different programs). When I'm back, already enough time has passed, so that I should start to update newyearspup again with new releases of programs, and try to track down some remaining bugs. So I fear, I have enough work already for the next month(s), and not the time, to look at turma :( Oh yes, and was was not yet swimming in the new lake I found just 5 km from where I live now here in the south :-) Mark

Username: muggins2
"Barry, there's now a gtk2 fork of turma. I've uploaded a .pet here:

Re turma2
Username: BarryK
"Yes, I think that I recall the gtk2 port, it was pathetic. At least it was when I looked at it. It had hardly any of the functionality of the original Turma, to refer to it as a "port" of Turma was, well, pathetic. I just looked at their changelog, doesn't seem to have changed much since I last looked at it. It is not really a port of Turma.

Username: technosaurus
"Pfind already does the finding text portion, but I'm not sure how hard it would be to add sed (or rpl) to the options. Sigmund has a different coding style than mine, so it takes me a couple reads to see what is going on. I do however have a couple of scripts that will recursively replace strings in all files or just files whose name matches a pattern (I use it mostly to clean up Makefiles and such). It wouldn't be difficult to make a little frontend to it.

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