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416: 'i810' versus 'intel' video driver

July 14, 2009 — BarryK
416 has the '' video driver, which as I mentioned in a recent post, is out of Xorg 7.2, whereas 416 has Xorg 7.3. But I recently found the the old driver has it's downside, playing some videos with too-bright washed-out colours.

So what I have done is rename '' to ''. Now, when the Xorg Wizard is run, the normal '' driver is automatically used. However, I added a choice into the Wizard to switch over to the older driver, and to switch back.

So, people with old video hardware that works best with the 'i810' driver, and those with newer hardware that works best with the 'intel' driver, should both be satisfied.


416 'I810' driver

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