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417: Upgrades from 421

July 30, 2009 — BarryK
These are various packages that have been included in pup 421. These will be in the upcoming 4.3pre-beta.

Ttuuxxx has created this. Yeah, this is handy. As my blog grows, finding information in it becomes more difficult with the blog's own search tool. Um, this package was posted in one of the 421 threads but I don't think it is actually in 421.
The PET package is now named ''.

mountcifs 1.5
Forum member jamesbond posted this. This is an executable /sbin/mount.cifs. I don't know anything about this, it is useful for Pnethood apparently, so I have put it in.

This is an updated nbtscan utility for Pnethood, posted by jamesbond. Er, I see that 421 has been built with this package and pnethood 0.65-utf8, however the latter has an older nbtsan utility (2007) and that would have overwritten jamesbond's update -- in other words, 421 does not have the later nbtscan utility.

pnethood 0.65-utf8
Puppy 417 has v0.65, whereas 421 has 0.65-utf8. This package has the 'nbtscan' utility, which I have now removed. The new package name is ''.

Ttuuxx created this package to add mime-type handling for .docx files, to open them in Abiword when click in Rox.
I have added the line "application/msword:*.docx" into /usr/share/mime/globs in the Rox package, now '' and ''. Note, must not be installed, as the 'globs' file in the Woof-builds has extra entries that would be wiped out -- I have extracted just the appropriate entry and appended it to the most recent 'globs' file (which is in the rox package).

I also added docx mime-type to /etc/mime.types.

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