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417: Upgrades, new games

July 23, 2009 — BarryK
Pburn 2.5.1
This is zigbert's latest CD/DVD burner app.

New games
The upcoming 4.3 needs new games, so I have made all of these into PETs:

Seahaven 1.50: solitaire card game
Glightoff 1.0.0: board game, turn off all the lights
gPlanarity 20060602: drag dots to untangle wires
GTKTetris 0.6.2: classical tetris game
Xemeraldia 0.4.3: tetris-like falling blocks

They are all quite small, and I might put them all except for GTKTetris (as Xemeraldia is more interesting) into the next build. Glightoff will drive you mad, I do hope that the author has programmed it so that it can be completed.

GTK MM libs
I wanted to compile GParted, so needed the 'gtkmm' libraries. So, I have put the static libraries into the 'devx' sfs file. These are old ones, compiled in T2 ages ago, but they are ok:

cairomm 1.4.4
glibmm 2.14.1
gtkmm 2.12
libgnomecanvassmm 2.20.0

GParted 0.4.5
Puppy 412 has a patched version of 0.3.3, so is due for an upgrade.

This is a very interesting little application created by pizzasgood and also modified by seaside. However, testing in 417 when I open a .sfs file, there is nothing in it. So, it's broken, but the idea is very good. Possibly drag-and-drop would be a nice refinement, like what is done in the 'Bcrypt' utility (see the Personal menu). It would also be better to auto-probe for a more suitable location to expand the sfs file than /tmp, starting with wherever the sfs file is located. Also, the drag-and-drop technique avoids having to make a copy of the original sfs file.



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