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417: various bug reports

July 23, 2009 — BarryK
'Set global font size' does not work
Um, it does work, doesn't need fixing.

Rebooting Ppup-417 after the first session with a just-made pup4save.2fs, AbiWord no longer starts from the desktop icon as on first run but does start from the terminal
I don't understand this, Abiword works from the icon for me. As I cannot reproduce this problem, you will have to do some troubleshooting yourself to find out why it happens. It should be easy to find out, just follow the trail -- right-click on icon, choose edit-item, find what gets launched, etc.

Kirk informed that pcf fonts do not work in Abiword and need to be removed from the menu. I have made these entries in /root/.AbiSuite/AbiWord.Profile:
<Fonts include="0">
<!-- BK abiword cannot handle pcf fonts... -->
<Face name="Times"/>
<Face name="Courier"/>
<Face name="Dingbats"/>
<Face name="Fixed"/>
<Face name="Helvetica"/>
<Face name="LucidaTypewriter"/>
<Face name="Standard Symbols L"/>

I made a simple pet ... and when it came to the stage of the GUI coming up there was an error and the gui didn't show
I looked in the package, and the 'pet.specs' file is zero bytes. How did that happen? The dir2pet script brings up a GUI for creating pet.specs, that is, the database entry. Ah, an earlier release, maybe 415 or earlier I think, did have a bug in dir2pet that caused a zero-byte pet.specs -- so you must have been using an earlier pup when you made the pet pkg?
Anyway, I have put code into PPM to detect if 'pet.specs' is zero bytes and ignore it.

Discovered a typo in /usr/local/petget/ Fixed. Thanks for finding that!

Rerwin has created a package of Linuxant HCF and HSF drivers and firmware for the kernel. This is his "2" release, 20 July 2009. Rerwin has also done some testing and some work to get automatic recognition of the modems and integration with PupDial. I have put this in.
Note that the HCF drivers have a 14.4KB speed limit and a licence has to be purchased from Linuxant to unlock them. The HSF drivers are the free full-speed ones from Dell.


Username: ttuuxxx
Hi Barry, I posted many of times, maybe you didn't read it, Abiword pcf fonts do work in the latest version and previous versions, You need to compile it static and they work. Well about 80% of the pcf fonts will work if compiled static, The ones that won't work are, <Fonts include="0"> <Face name="cursor"/> <Face name="linux8x8"/> <Face name="linux8x16"/> <Face name="micro"/> </Fonts> User technosaurus figured out that one, You can even try his statice version, its really small, located at the thread is located at and finally if you want a full working abiword with working dictionary included try this one ttuuxxx

upup476 and dpup476
Username: smil99
"Hi Barry, I have been trying to build upup476 using the latest woof-20090717.tar.gz build system with kernel I choose this kernel because I have been having .sfs loading problems with kernel 2.6.29 and 2.6.30. So far, I haven't had 100% success as all the builds I do seem to lack something that make them unstable. For instance, some builds are not able to create dpupsave file while others never boot twice in a roll without xorg crashing. I am therefore asking that if it is not too much, please consider building a upup476 with kernel using the latest woof-20090717.tar.gz. Thanks in advance. smil99.

Username: BarryK
"ttuuxxx, I don't understand, why should a static abiword make any difference? And what is meant by "static" anyway? smil99, The 2.6.29.x and later kernels have squashfs 4.0, which is not compatible with earlier .sfs files. I built 417 with both 3.3 and 4.0 versions of the utilities, so people can convert .sfs files.

k2.6.30.2 is out
Username: happypuppy
"Surprise! is out ;)

Username: ttuuxxx
"Barry It was on page 2 of the link above, This is what technosaurus said from that page. " PostPosted: Tue Jul 07, 2009 9:43 pm Post subject: Reply with quote I am uploading 2.7.6 - its only ~2.5MB and a good candidate to go in a testing build for woof I discovered a strange bug/feature during this compile I compiled the entire package with normal shared libraries then used --enable-static --disable-shared with the same configure options since the source had already been built it used the static libraries from the shared build to create the abiword binary which reduced the size from 4kb abiword + 8MB libabiword to just a 6.5MB abiword I suspect that if I had done that from the start it would be ~20MB based on my past experience using statifier/ermine on abiword This includes all of the following plugins builtin (Note that the mswrite plugin is now included - for some reason it would not link properly until I switched to static) "applix babelfish clarisworks docbook eml freetranslation gdict gimp google hancom hrtext iscii kword latex mswrite loadbindings mif opendocument openwriter opml paint passepartout pdb pdf presentation s5 sdw t602 urldict wikipedia wml xslfo" you will still need to install enchant for (builtin) spell checking if you don't already have it but I did include the other dependencies for the plugin package below" By compiling it in that strange fashion manages to enable most of the pcf fonts, and the best part is that its the better fonts, The pcf fonts which don't work, really aren't all that good anyways:) but the main pcf fonts do work. ttuuxxx

re abiword fonts
Username: BarryK
"Thanks, yes that is weird. I'll have a play at compiling with the config options that technosaurus used.

Username: kirk
"For now I've just dumped all of the pcf fonts except: 4x6-ISO8859-1.pcf.gz 5x7-ISO8859-1.pcf.gz 5x8-ISO8859-1.pcf.gz 6x10-ISO8859-1.pcf.gz 6x12-ISO8859-1.pcf.gz 6x9-ISO8859-1.pcf.gz 7x14B-ISO8859-1.pcf 7x14B.pcf.gz 7x14-ISO8859-1.pcf 7x14.pcf.gz cursor.pcf.gz deccurs.pcf.gz decsess.pcf.gz helvB12-ISO8859-1.pcf All my other fonts are TTF. That's using Xorg 7.3, with Xorg 7.4 I just kept 7x14B-ISO8859-1.pcf and 7x14-ISO8859-1.pcf for Rxvt. Might be able to do without those.

Abiword jokes?
Username: capoverde
"Sorry for the delay, wasn't home yesterday. What puzzled me even more was that after that second boot Abiword started normally! So after reading Barry's reply I rebooted Puppy 4.17 with pfix=ram, wiped off the pup4save.2fs file and started it all again, making a new pup4save file on exit and rebooting. To my surprise, this time AbiWord started normally from the icon...! But before, it had been exactly as reported by Ray MK on the forum. A random-timed AbiWord joke? Puppy's main file was already copied on the HD, so it could not be a dust spot on the CD-ROM. Gotta test this on another box.

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