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Ayttm 0.5.0-111

July 28, 2009 — BarryK
Siddhesh is very active working to improve Ayttm. I have attached his latest announcement below. There is a promise of more to come soon, to improve Yahoo and MSN chat. Note, Piotr Stefaniak is also contributing -- he is a Puppy fan, though I don't know his forum nickname.

Ayttm-0.5.0-111 has been released! There have been a number of
improvements under the hood. Changes


* Users can specify a different character encoding for each of their chat
rooms/windows. There is also a new preference added called "encodings", which
can be used to specify the list of encodings to be used to decode incoming data
in case it is not in UTF-8.
* Pong for the IRC ping. This enables ayttm to be used with servers that require
a pong to keep a connection alive
* Conform to Debians Lintian standards
* Multiple fixes to irc
* Multiple fixes to jabber
* Fixed multiple UI related issues
* Lots of bug fixes
* A new contributor in the form of Piotr Stefaniak :)
* Conform to Fedora packaging standards by providing a workaround for libtool to
enable use of *.so for dynamically loading modules. We should have a Fedora
package soon!

For a full ChangeLog:

Report bugs at:

Coming up in the next release:

* Support for the new yahoo messenger protocol. Our messenger has not
been disabled yet since we use a very old protocol. The transition to
the new protocol will happen before August 15th
* Support for the new MSN protocol
* Better connectivity support under the hood

I will have 0.5.0-111 in Puppy 4.3pre-beta, due out Real Soon Now.


Username: ttuuxxx
I alread compiled it for 2.14X and have the guys testing it, these are the plugins I enabled aim-oscar msn2 yahoo2 irc jabber smtp livejournal aim-toc icq-toc aycryption The package was actually really small even when I included the needed extra libs like jasper,gpgme,libgpg-error,gmp. The final all-in-one pet was 1287kb not bad for all that stuff :) ttuuxxx

Re: encryption
Username: BarryK
"I have never compiled Ayttm with gpgme. What limitation will that impose?

Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry gpgme is used for one of the plugins, when I was compiling and read the output, it said some plugin wasn't going to be built without it, I forget which one it was, I did have a quick look and these are the extra plugins That your last compile in june this year doesn't have. ttuuxxx

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