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Ayttm, SQliteDBMS, CD/DVD burning

July 22, 2009 — BarryK
Ayttm 0.5.0-106
This is the multi-protocol chat client used in Puppy, and I have got the latest out of CVS. The main developer Siddhesh continues to be actively improving Ayttm, and he informs me that improvements by another developer will be merged with the main trunk soon.

SQliteDBMS 0.5.1
This is a web server with a web interface written in Javascript. It uses SQLITE. The latest Puppy 4.3alpha (416 and 417) has SQlite Manager, which is an addon for SeaMonkey (or Firefox) -- I put that in so that we could play with it and evaluate it.
Now I have added SQliteDBMS and have created a frontend script 'sqlitedbms_shell' that is run from the menu to start and stop the server and web interface.

I intend to put this into the next Puppy for evaluation purposes. In particular, I would like to get feedback from those into databases on how it compares with SQlite Manager.

CD/DVD burning
After further testing, I was getting failure to burn for both cdrkit and cdrtools -- both giving the error message that I originally reported for cdrkit running 417 with the kernel.

I have been testing xorriso and getting some odd results. It certainly is not a pop-in replacement for either mkisofs or cdrecord.

I built the latest pup with the kernel, with cdrkit, and the problem went away. Hmmm, this is a strong indicator that the kernel is to blame, although I have no idea how. But unless the cdrkit or cdrtools developers come up with something real quick, I will have to stay with the 2.6.29.x kernel for the upcoming pup 4.3.



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