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CUPS web interface, top-level menu

July 07, 2009 — BarryK
CUPS web interface
I went through the /usr/sbin/cups_shell script, tidying it up. This is what runs when you choose 'CUPS Printer Wizard' from the 'Setup' menu.

One improvement was I replaced the initial information window with a HTML window, with improved visual presentation and links to further information.

Top-level menu
One thing I have never really liked is the name 'Calculate' in the top-level menu. I was not able to think of just the right name, but now I have changed it to 'Business'.

'Business' sits right above 'Personal' and I think that is much more meaningful.

The 'Calculate' category in the Puppy Package Manager has also been changed to 'Business'.


CUPS & Menu
Username: dogone
Both changes are good ones. Information is key to reducing the CUPS fear factor, so offering some BEFORE the user jumps in is great. "Calculate" has always seemed a rather odd fish. "Business" is much better. And perhaps, to make all those Windows refugees more comfortable, everything on the top menu should begin with "My"? ;-)

Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi Barry Business is good but what about Financial, Isn't business really for business and things like a calculator can used for business but Financial kind of covers home/business together, where as most of puppies software is home finance software and not really business software, well could be used for home business, but not corporate. Anyways its better now :) ttuuxxx

Re: Financial
Username: BarryK
""Finance" or "Financial" was one of the original names I considered, but I wanted the title to also cover things like database management, spreadsheets, as well as book-keeping. I don't want "Office", it's too broad (I'm pre-empting any suggestion for "Office"!). I considered "Data" but that is probably a bit misleading. So, "Business" seems the closest.

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