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Enhance Aqualung?

July 11, 2009 — BarryK
Here is how I configured Aqualung in 416:

# ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var --with-jack=no --with-mod=no --with-mpc=no --with-mac=no --with-lua=no

Configuration summary

Build type / target platform : release / Linux

Optional features:
LADSPA plugin support : no
CDDA (Audio CD) support : yes
CDDB support : yes
Sample Rate Converter support : yes
iRiver iFP driver support : no
Loop playback support : yes
Systray support : yes
Podcast support : yes
Lua (prog. title format) support : no

Decoding support:
sndfile (WAV, AIFF, AU, etc.) : yes
Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) : yes
Ogg Vorbis : yes
Ogg Speex : no
MPEG Audio (MPEG 1-2.5 Layer I-III) : yes
MOD Audio (MOD, S3M, XM, IT, etc.) : no
Musepack : no
Monkey's Audio Codec : no
WavPack : no
LAVC (AC3, AAC, WavPack, WMA, etc.) : yes

Encoding support:
sndfile (WAV) : yes
Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) : yes
Ogg Vorbis : yes
LAME (MP3) : yes

Output driver support:
sndio Audio : no
OSS Audio : yes
ALSA Audio : yes
JACK Audio Server : no
Win32 Sound API : no

LADSPA looks like it might be a useful addition, if the LADSP plugin and any support tools don't take too much space. If anyone is interested in this and would like to recompile Aqualung, you are welcome. Appreciate though if you can do so in 416, so it gets compiled with all the libraries that are in 416 (I'll upload 416 about 12 hours from now).

Then, you could pull apart my pet package, and put in your enhanced executable. Get it from here:

Oh yes, the above code-box answers an earlier question, it does have support for 'aac'.


Username: BarryK
I notice also that Sweep, the audio recorder/editor in 416, supports LADSPA, but I don't know if I configured it with LADSPA support enabled. So, in theory, we could get both of these apps LADSPA-enabled, to make the audiophile happy.

re Sweep LADSPA
Username: dogone
"Barry. Based on this from Sweep's home, LADSPA would be a great adjunct to Sweep. I for one would use the filters. Do we have room for it? "Support for LADSPA effects plugins, including: the Computer Music Toolkit by Richard Furse, containing high and low pass filters, compressors, delays, and a port of the popular Freeverb reverb unit. SWH plugins, over 30 effects plugins by Steve Harris, including overdrives, comb filter, ring modulator, pitch scaler, chorus, flanger and various distortions."

consider carefully
Username: tempestuous
"I'm an audiophile. But I'm not pushing for LADSPA, because I want to hear the LADSPA advocates substantiate their case, first. When someone tells me xyz is great, I say explain it, and/or prove it. Challenging claims is the basis of good science. And I still have a suspicion that LADSPA is for extended functionality (as dogone just outlined) rather than extended audio quality, per se. If so, that's possibly a better reason for its inclusion, because let's be rational about this; audiophile sound quality for the average computer user is a highly esoteric feature.

Username: nfisher
"Ladspa is just a plugin architecture. To compile against it you only need install one header file, so the overhead is virtually nil. As tempestuous noted above, it does not improve audio quality but allows for audio manipulation via filters, ie such things as reverb or compression. This is not all that useful for an audio player, but it is indispensible for an audio editor. Considering the low overhead I'd go for it.

Aqualung for audiophiles
Username: happypuppy
"JACK ------ Aqualung (compiled without JACK) supports playback samplerates/bitdepths only up to 16bit/48kHz. To satisfy the audiophiles with higher-end sound cards (i.e. to enable higher-quality output modes like 24bit/96kHz), you'll have to compile it with JACK support so they can use JACK for the audio output. Audiophiles will just need to install an additional JACK .PET package. Without the JACK package, aqualung will simply fall back to the default ALSA output. LADSPA -------- LADSPA is an audio plugin architecture that adds more functionality to Linux audio players, audio editors and music creation software. LADSPA plugins are useful even with audio players: With LADSPA plugins you can enhance bad sounding / compressed / noisy audio files and make them more enjoyable. There are some really useful effects like equalization,noise reduction,reverb (echo),compression and pitch effects you can use to spice up your music :)

Fun with LADSPA
Username: happypuppy
"Fun with LADSPA ---------------- There are some really interesting LADSPA effects,like the "vinyl" plugin,which can make your files sound like they're played off an old record or with the smooth saturated sound of a cassette tape :) Some of them can make your music sound like it's coming from under the sea :)

More fun with LADSPA
Username: happypuppy
"With LADSPA, you can do reverse playback and slow down/speed up music as in AlsaPlayer.

Username: disciple
"> Oh yes, the above code-box answers an earlier question, it does have support for 'aac'. No it doesn't :) it said the same thing for me, so it obviously means it has lavc support, and whether it plays aac depends on your lavc... my ffmpeg in 4.1.1 must be too old. It doesn't matter to me, but a lot of ipod people have their music in aac format.

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