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Great images!

July 09, 2009 — BarryK
Catdude created a great non-Ubuntu logo, puppyluvr a great Ubuntu-ish background, then Lobster combined them:

...yeah, that will look great for the next Upup alpha!

In the same link you can find 01micko's latest "super pup", with a 'P' on the chest. That is going to be in the upcoming 416alpha.

416 is imminent. Um, it's looking quite good, might follow it with the first beta. Aiming toward 430 final (actually 4.30 or 4.3.0, where-ever we want to put those decimal points!).


Not so great images imho

Username: Pizzasgood
"Sometimes, the unpolished object is the more interesting one. I like the super-pup one. I think it's a pretty good fit for Puppy. The homemade-ness makes it stand out. It's down to earth, goofy, fun, etc. It has personality. Character. Besides, Puppy is also homemade. :)

Username: dogone
"I council some caution here, Barry. Puppy needs to appeal to a wider audience, not just the worn and torn amongst us. That artwork is good but doesn't hold a candle to 4.1.2's Arctic ice. Puppy needs something very professional looking. After all, we are asking the world to take an OS called "Puppy" seriously. A lot is conveyed by that first glance. This needs to be a top-shelf item. I recall something done in a brushed metal blue-gray with an abstract Puppy that I liked very much.

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