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Medit is back

July 10, 2009 — BarryK
I'm on the home run to getting 416alpha released, and testing, testing.

I realised that NicoEdit 2.0beta5 is not yet mature enough to replace Geany or Medit, so I have brought back Medit and gone back to NicoEdit version 1.6 as the "Leafpad replacement".

The "pro" version of NicoEdit will continue to improve, but I use a text editor very heavily, it's one of the core tools for my daily work, and I found too many things that need more work or features missing. Quite likely in the future it will get to the point where I can replace Geany and Medit.

The simple "1.6" version though, is a good substitute for leafpad, and probably it could also be developed, but keeping it simple. There's just one small source file,, very easy to understand and hack on.

Tags: woof