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Multisession working

July 16, 2009 — BarryK
Joerg, the founder and current maintainer of the cdrtools project, responded to my post to the cdrkit mail list, about failure to save a session. See my earlier blog post:

He told me that is an old bug that is fixed in cdrtools, so I grabbed v2.01.01a61 and it works.

Tronkel reported that multisession worked, using 416, with kernel. I'm using basically the same, except now the kernel ...I can't think why, but perhaps that is the problem.

There was a time when we used cdrtools in Puppy, but it was broken at certain versions, so I swiched to cdrkit. Um, I'm trying to recall xactly what the problem was... doing a search... ah, here's something:

...yes, cdrtools mkisofs was "kaput". It seems to have come good again.

NOTE: this is not yet over. Looking back at my earlier reports on the problems with cdrtools, I see there was trouble using it with growisofs (dvd+rw-tools package). I only tested a CD-R multisession, will have to try a DVD next.


cdrkit vs cdrtools
Username: zigbert
Pburn have 2 different problems with the cdrtools in the Puppy repo. 1. Md5sum is wrong after burning an iso-image to a closed session. 2. cdda2wav is not able to grab cd-text info from cddb. I have not seen any cdrkit issues, but there have been reported that mkisofs works better than genisofs to burn a video_ts filesystem on older hardware. Sigmund

prefer cdrkit
Username: linuxcbon
"I would recommend to use cdrkit only, because it is gpl. Avoid cdrtools. My opinion.

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