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petget improved

July 09, 2009 — BarryK
A few things have been improved.

Ttuuxxx reported a package getting deleted after it is installed. This only happened if the package was in /root. Anyway, I fixed that.

In Rox, you click on a package and the 'petget' script runs and installs the package. It no longer puts up a dialog asking for menu description and category, as that is unnecessary -- the required information is available in the package.

A few little things tidied up.

NOTE to ttuuxxx:
I haven't forgotten your request about 24-bit icons in the sub-menus. Yes, it is hardcoded in the compiled apps in the xdg_puppy package. Rarsa is the genius behind these, I later put in the 16-bit hard coding. I'll probably fix that tonight, maybe make it into a passed parameter (16 or 24) ...or, perhaps we want to move up to 24 bit permanently?


Username: ttuuxxx
Yes please barry 24x24 icons would be great for all the menu listings :) I already have just about all the ones we need plus they are compressed, so there isn't much size difference, could even be a bit smaller, :) Also I found this screenshot command line app called scrot, and I made a gui for it, And have the guys in 2.14X testing they are really liking it and think its great, I even include a automatic resize for the forum, so when it takes a screenshot is reduces it to the max size of 600px wide:) The think is that scrot uses imlib2 only, so the package is big, 395kb pet, if the system has imlib2 then the package is about 40kb pet :) It should work on just about any puppy release, it works on 4 series, 2 series, dpup. Have been reported. Possible you might wanttotake it over ? I'm not the best coder, lol My stuff is basic at most, the reason is that this little application has a very large untouched potential, Ok I'll explain, It can take a screenshot of any image and save it as any image that imlib2 currently uses, So really the gui does need a format selection like png,gif,jpeg etc, and also it could use a quality up and down control from like 100-0%. I wouldn't have a clue how to code something like that up to actually work, anyways the way it works now is really nice, maybe give it a try and see what you think. I'm sure you could improve it, It does come with 2 version, one small version for little screens and a larger version, they are both located in a hidden folder in /root/.Pup-Shots heres the download link and image of the 2 [img][/img] ttuuxxx

Username: ttuuxxx
"Hi eprv when you click on menu now in jwm the icons are 24x24, just when the sub menu opens and the text is smaller its 16x16, Icewm the most popular replacement WM that puppy has is 24x24 for both menus, and My icewm packages have been downloaded over 1000 times. The icon quality at 16x16 has very poor detail, like the cd's aren't circles, its almost impossible to get proper detail at that level. It also would give the menu a unified look, and make it easier for people with vision problems better usability. 24x24 should be default and also maybe a downgrade package, or even a jwm configuration menu setting to change it back could be a solution. ttuuxxx

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