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Petstore to support PPM

July 30, 2009 — BarryK
Gposil has made this announcement:

It won't be in the 4.3pre-beta, maybe in beta1 or beta2.

Gposil will create a database file at his site, that is in the same format as the "standard database format" or similar. I can take care of the PPM side of things -- all I need to know is the URL of the petstore database file and PPM can download it and if necessary do some parsing to get it into the standard format.

The Puppy Package Manager (PPM) will then have another repo choice, named say "Petstore", which will offer all the appropriate packages in the Petstore.

I say "appropriate" because PPM does some filtering, ignoring packages that are compiled for another compatible-distro.

Note also, PPM has a "more info" button, which attempts to bring up a webpage with more information about the package. If the Petstore has a webpage with further info on a package, like more detailed description, then that could be brought up.

Puppy already has a database of homepages of many applications -- see /root/.packages/PKGS_HOMEPAGES, but if not found then perhaps PPM could look at the petstore site.

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