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PPLOG further mods?

July 20, 2009 — BarryK
I did some basic patching of the PPLOG script, and now have to move on, so much else to do. Besides, I'm not a Perl programmer.

I did think of a few things that would be nice. One of those is considering it as a personal blog, just for your own use, it's quite a nice way to keep a record of everything you do, like if you are working on a project. Like I do with this online blog.

But, in the case of a personal local blog, it would be more convenient not to have to enter the admin user name and password for every post. Could the script detect that the use is accessing locally and then not ask for username/password? Or, at least an option in the script to disable it.

Anyone great at Perl programming and interested in this? You can find the package at ibiblio, in the pet_packages-woof directory.


Username: Prit
Hi Barry, Pritlog was started from PPLOG and now has grown. It has Sqlite, theme engine, plugin, user accounts and everything. Yeah, the user session part is there too. But, since it has become a little big (nearly 450Kb Uncompressed), I am starting to work on a light version - again back to basics - using flat files, no theme engine, or plugin engine, but will have the user sessions, and such simple stuff. You can see the light version here: And the regular current version here: Regards, Prit

Re: pritlog
Username: BarryK
"Prit, That's great for a website that is hosted by one of the normal hosts that have PHP. But I need the blog to run in Puppy, which only has Perl.

Time Error
Username: lwill
"I am using PPLOG on my new web site and noticed an error when it displays the time, like in Prit's comment: "24:59" ??? I have been meaning to let the author know about it. I fixed it temporarily by adding to: [code]sub getdate .. elseif($hour == 24) { $hour =0; $day++; }[/code] I also made a hack so when a post is edited it shows the time edited and leaves the original post time as well. (when a post was edited, it changed the time to the current time/date and sort of makes it confusing that an older post would have a newer time!) I haven't tested it well yet. Again, I was planning on letting the author know but haven't gotten around to it yet. Let me know if you want to see it, since there were several changes to implement it.

PPLOG as diary
Username: ecube
"Barry, PPLOG accepts a blank password. I have tested with the configuration: [code]our $config_gmt = +1;# My GMT, +1 = CET our $config_redditAllowed = 0;# Allow the reddit option, to share your posts(0 = No, 1 = Yes) our $config_blogTitle = 'My Personal Blog';# Blog title in do=RSS our $config_adminPass = '';# Admin password for adding entries[/code] When entering a new entry a (Hiawatha?) "Select User" form pops up where a title of previous entries can be selected?! After "Cancel" the form, the entry can be created. [img]/root/newentry.png[/img] A few spelling correction: print 'Entry deletted. <a href="?page=1">Go to Index</a>'; -> print 'Entry deleted. <a href="?page=1">Go to Index</a>'; print 'Sorry, that entry does not exists or it has been deletted.'; -> print 'Sorry, that entry does not exist or has been deleted.'; :happy:

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