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PPLOG upgraded

July 08, 2009 — BarryK
This blog was version 1.1b (where the 'b' does not mean beta!). With some help from Fedekun, the author of PPLOG, I have patched the Perl script and fixed/added these things:

1. Post fails
I recently forgot to put in a title, and the script wrote a zero-byte file for the post. The script then refused to accept any more posts. Fedekun figured out a fix, which I have put in, but neither of us have actually tested it.

2. Cannot post from Opera or IE
Again, I have put in a fix, untested.

3. code tags
Whenever you post code to this blog, it is important that it be in code tags, to prevent it from being reformatted -- especially what happens is multiple spaces get removed. To make this easy, "code" tag is now in the menu -- you will see it when you post a comment -- just highlight the text that is code and click on the menu button.

The 'Puppy personal blog' that has been in Puppy ever since 4.0, was version 1.1. I have just upgraded it to the latest script, and the PET package is '', which I will upload soon.


Cursor Position
Username: Greg
Barry as long as you are fixing items in PPlog... please fix a pet peeve of mine... please position the cursor at the first field of data entry... This is a problem in lots of the programs... it is certainly not hard to move the mouse to the first field.. but why... that is what the computer is for! Similar problem in the "Puppy Linux Discussion Forum" program. Thanks. Greg

Test comment
Username: Raffy
"Now posting without a title (nope, it wants the tilte filled) in Opera. [code]And this is a test of extra spaces[/code]

PPlog and Opera
Username: dogone
"I've experienced two problems while posting via Opera. Either the post is not accepted or PPlog creates duplicate posts (I'm no doubt famous for these). Disabling JavaScript appears a solution. Unfortunately, HTML tag insertion depends on JS. As I am using Opera 10 beta2, and Opera 10 achieved a perfect ACID 3 score, I would be very interested to hear where the problem lies. If it lies in Opera's camp, then we need to rethink the ACID tests (certainly less than comprehensive).

Username: ttuuxxx
"The quark about PPLOG is that say your tying a nice log response and you then muck up the the password or the number code etc, it tells you that you mucked up, so you hit the back button and refresh the screen to get a new security code and type it in, then you hit the 'Add Comment' button, guess what the 'Add Comment' button doesn't work and your stuck with a nice response you can't send, usually when this happens, I copy my unsent message, go back to home, find the page again, add all the info like Title, Author, Security Code, Name of puppy, and finally the password and then paste my response. What a long process because it doesn't totally refresh right. Well thanks ttuuxxx

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