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Puppy 416alpha available

July 12, 2009 — BarryK
I have uploaded the latest in the 4.x series. This is an alpha release, not yet for general public consumption. Get it from here:

The live-CD is 'pup4-416.iso' and it is built with the kernel. Notice all those little files 'iso-a*' -- that is the live-CD split into ten smaller files. I'm on dialup, and that's how I uploaded it! If you are on dialup, it is easy to download ten small files -- if one goes bad, just download that one again -- then see the README how to put them together. Well, it's quite easy:

# cat iso-a* > pup4-416.iso

Now for a heap of release notes. Please do read these:

SeaMonkey has 'adblock' enabled, which is good if you are on dialup, but you might find it annoying if on broadband. Right-click on bottom-right of window and there is a menu and you can disable it.

Zdrv: The live-CD is built with a separate 'zdrv', so that we can test that configuration. Let me know if anything goes wrong with frugal install or whatever. I did test a full hd install, it was ok.

Theme: Thanks CatDude for the background image. Um, I forget again who did the 'smooth colors' icons -- thanks too, nice.

New apps: SqliteManager, Aqualung. Note, though, my recent posts about upgrading Aqualung to support AAC did not make it into 416 -- but I'll upload an upgrade package soon.

SCSI, SMP: This build does not support SCSI, I'll do a special SCSI live-CD soon. I also intend to compile a recent kernel with SMP support. I propose three flavours at final release, retro/SCSI, standard, advanced -- or whatever names we choose.

USB drive not recognised: Unfortunately I did a typo in /sbin/pup_event_frontend_d, so my fix does not work. If you experience this bug, that is, you plug in a USB drive and no desktop icon appears, remove the drive, open /sbin/pup_event_frontend_d in a text editor, and change line 162 -- where you see the text "^sr|^mmc" that should be "^sd|^mmc", in other words "sd" instead of "sr". After saving the file, restart X -- IMPORTANT!

Desktop drive icon, full HD install: I posted about this yesterday. The partition is mounted but displays as not mounted. I still don't have a solution for this.

i810 video: See my previous post. You may need to manually edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf and change "i810" to "intel".

Probably more stuff, can't think of it now...

I'm hoping 416 is pretty solid, and the next can be the first beta. I'll probably upgrade a few more packages before 417, and of course welcome suggestions. Then for the beta the focus will be on bug fixing only, no further upgrades or any major changes.


Forum thread for feedback
Username: BarryK
I started a bugs and general feedback thread:

Username: linuxcbon
"I havent tried any latest puppies. I am lost with the numbers and versions.

Username: deleta for the iso
"Barry, Will there be deleta file for the iso as there was for 415?

Re: .delta
Username: BarryK
"Surprisingly, the .delta file for the iso, upgrading from 415 to 416, was 50MB, so I didn't bother, went for the ten pieces instead.

Username: deleta for the iso
"Barry, Will there be deleta file for the iso as there was for 415?

SQLite get frozen
Username: charlie6
"Hi, on puppy416 frugal Got SQLite started from menu. It get frozen when selecting 'tools/options'. Have to kill the process to exit SQLite. Cheers, Charlie

Call Waiting
Username: Karen Morrison
"This was a problem Barry posted for Aussies to Answer. You can use 1# Feature Assistant to turn on (and off) Call Waiting, simply: 1. dial 1# on your home phone 2. say 'Turn on Call Waiting' into your phone 3. wait for the 1# Feature Assistant to confirm your request. Hope this helps

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