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August 12, 2009 — BarryK
I got a squashfs patch to work, but then I found that it gave an error when I tried to mount a ext4 partition. So, I've had enough.

On the otherhand, ext4 is working nicely with the latest Pup and kernel.


Kernels ??
Username: FrogLeader
Hi Barry, I was testing puppy with kernel the other day and WOW, Super Fast. We are on the way to the world's number 1 distro. I was just wondering if that kernel will be reconsidered or will **.29.6 be the final choice? I hope the cutting edge will be considered as competition is demanding it. Thanks, FrogLeader

Best kernel to use for 4.3
Username: happypuppy
"Here's another vote for [b]k2.6.30.4[/b] k2.6.30.x has better memory management (lower memory footprint) and some really nice CPU optimizations, making it an optimal choice for older hardware.

2.6.30 no
Username: BarryK
"I had to roll back from the 2.6.30.x kernel, as had trouble with cdrkit and cdrtools. Documented in this blog. is the "middle way", wending between the bleeding edge stuff, and the older kernels that lack support for some recent hardware and filesystems.

I see
Username: linuxcbon
"I see...cdrkit is not yet up to date with the new kernel. Oh, it's about high time they include CD burning and other stuff like libxml, glib, into the kernel and not outside.

Re: full stop
Username: Jota
"dogone wrote: [quote]Guys! Let's cut ol' Barry some slack. He's 4 days from releasing 4.3b1 and you're asking for different kernel? Believe me. Barry's final decisions are the result of MUCH time, effort, experimentation and testing. He's offering us gold. Let's not ask for diamonds.[/quote] Ok dogone, now it is revealed to me: Barry Kauler is GOD!!! He NEVER makes a mistake! ;-) More seriously, I've been a Puppy user for 4 years now, and the very first time I post a message here was about the 2.6.30 kernel, because it seems so relevant (and amazing): So, what I and I'm sure other people just would like is the best for Puppy, and maybe that should include kernel 2.6.30. Also, I feel that is a better choice to invest some time and effort trying to resolve the cdrkit problems, than spend time with 2.6.29. Anyway, what BK chooses to do, it is not my matter. If I like 4.3 and it fits my needs, I will use it, if not, I will not use it. But I hope that after all other pieces and bits of 4.3 are ok, Barry could return to evaluate the use of 2.6.30 kernel.

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