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4.3pb: ePDFView 0.1.7

August 02, 2009 — BarryK
Pup 4.3pre-beta has ePDFView 0.1.6, a bit old. I did put in the latest poppler library (that ePDFView uses to render PDF documents) but neglected to upgrade ePDFView.

Now remedied. I have upgraded to the latest which is version 0.1.7.


Username: ttuuxxx
Hi Barry forum member disciple came across a pdf viewer for firefox, Turns out when I went to the website they had sources, and I compiled it and then made a rox rightclick to open pdf files, and boy Barry its really fast rendering and perfect image colours, it uses command keys that I included in the package, theres a few really good points about this viewer is GNU GPL v3, It doesn't use poppler to render so that would save a lot of space and the pet is 400kb, It uses libjpeg,zlib,freetype to render images and its written in C. Compared with poppler its 10X faster and the code could be reduced if you used your own fonts, etc. anyways here's the forum thread here's a download link to the small package I made up with the rox rt click and document for keys and finally here's the homepage to mupdf So with the key commands who's going to be the first to make a Gui for it? ttuuxxx

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