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4.3pb: sox 14.3.0

August 02, 2009 — BarryK
I have compiled this and put it into Puppy, as I also want the 'Imagination' DVD slide-show application, which needs sox.

A note for anyone who wants to compile this, it will fail. src/ffmpeg.c has a line of code at line 224 that seems to be an improperly tested hack. It uses a symbol from ffmpeg that, as far as I can see, was in a very old version of ffmpeg, like back around 2001, but there no longer.

Anyway, I have the source for sox 14.0.1 and I rolled the offending line back to the same as it was in 14.0.1. Then sox compiles.

We used to have sox in Puppy, back in the 2.x series. There was at least one app developed by our Puppy-developers that uses sox -- does anyone recall which app that was? I think it was something created by pakt?

Sox is a audio file format converter, so good to have back in Puppy. It is a bit biggish but integrates well with all the other libraries, also uses ffmpeg.


missing pup file
Username: ttuuxxx
Hi Barry maybe the missing application your talking about from 2 series sox related could be, PBcdripper Pupdvdtool DVD video ripper soxaudio file tools also pburn can use sox tools for ripping dvd's now. ttuuxxx

Username: disciple
"soxgui? pawdioconverter? I think there was another simple sound-recording app too. IIRC mhwaveedit can be compiled with sox support too. But I mess around with audio file formats and stuff, and I've never found a need for sox, so I think it plus 500kb (according to Ttuuxxx) almost qualifies as bloat :) Doesn't Pburn do DVD slideshows? Are they too basic? Nice how we managed to sneak a DVD slideshow app into a discussion of powerpoint type slideshow apps :)

Pburn slideshow
Username: BarryK
"I didn't know Pburn can do DVD slideshows! I wonder what zigbert thinks about sox, whether it is useful in Puppy or not.

more slideshows
Username: Lobster
"Fotox also has a rather good slideshow . . . Open a file in a picture directory use mouse to zoom arrow keys to move forward and back . . .

SoX rocks :)
Username: happypuppy
"SoX has the world's best sample rate converter,much better than Secret Rabbit Code (libsamplerate) or anything else for Windows (including all professional solutions). libsamplerate's best quality resampler is 50 times slower than SoX and still a bit worse quality-wise SoX is a great "swiss army tool" for audio manipulation - it has some very powerful tools & filters you won't find in other audio apps. It's great to see SoX making a comeback.All we need now is a good GUI. Command line operation is not puppy friendly ;)

Re: sox
Username: zigbert
"Pburn makes DVD slideshows using ffmpeg. You can mix images and video-files if wanted. No use of sox...... I don't think sox will give us some more, but maybe faster, better, I don't know. I think it should be a reason for putting in a such 'big' package. What ffmpeg/alsa misses is an equalizer... Sigmund

sox gui
Username: PathFinder_Cate
"I just did a google search for "sox audio gui" and found a refrence to Soxgui-0.9 - a gtkdialog gui for several sox commands

Username: BarryK
"PathFinder_Cate, See my later post:

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